SecurMiddleEast Riyadh 2023

The SecurMiddleEast Symposium Series is about innovation. It’s about best practice. And it’s about showcasing what’s being achieved world-wide.

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly: An Examination of AI’s progress in the Security Sector
The SecurMiddleEast Symposium on AI in Security will convene a remarkable group of senior peers and experts from Saudi Arabia to discuss and debate the power of artificial intelligence to unleash its full potential to advance our societies and economies.
The focus hones in specifically on the application of AI in the critical universe of security, with a focus on the promise and perils of machine learning and AI on video intelligence and cybersecurity. Looking forward to seeing you!
Event Details
General Manager of Systems Engineering and Artificial Intelligence
Former Global General Manager
Senior Manager of Safety and Security
Diriyah Company
Head of Video Security Analytics
Ministry of Interior
Chief Technical Officer
Dell Technologies
Chief Executive Officer

Intercontinental Hotel, Riyadh

Event Details
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